Case studies

UK – Cotton Shoppers

A customer approached us, they had been let down by there bag supplier, although the other had confirmed they could supply the bag and then print what was a complicated print within 3 weeks they could do neither.

Our customer approached us with a task to supply 120,000 cotton shoppers printed 7 colors front and back within 14 days because of our ability to source the product and then have facility to print 120,000pcs per week it meant our customer could supply the product on time for the promotion.

Far East – LED’s

A customer approached us concerned they were being over charged for LED’s these products appear in Point of Sale, please see images and videos below.

Because of our offices and contacts in the Far East we were asked to source and cost LED’s after a short time our offices found a factory that could supply this products, samples were duly made and supplied to our customer, they liked the product and we were asked to quote at the time the customer was purchasing upwards of 300,000 of this product.

Having quoted our prices showed we were saving them upwards of £50,000 a significant saving which they could pass onto their customer.

This really was only the start as we then had to go through an expensive and thorough testing process using the worldwide Testing houses such as SGS, once approved we then received the order but because of the size of the orders we visited from the UK with our representative in China the Factory to ensure they were up to the job and to check that the factory was Legitimate because at all times we try to ensure we are using the correct factories as we don’t want any bad publicity landing on the end users (Retailer) door step.

We now supply this product to a number of Point of Sale producers who are happy with both the price and quality.

The benefits of having a Far East operation.

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